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Equine Facilitated Coaching and Wellness (EFCW) Certification was created by Chad Lyman, Kelley Chaplin and Cristi Rose. After many  years of working with horses and people we found a need for quality training that would positively serve both horses and clients.  In an effort to set a high standard of excellence in the field  we developed a certification program that allows participants  to achieve three different levels of proficiency in EFCW; fundamental, proficient, and advanced. After the each certification level trainee's will work with a mentor to support them in preparing for their certification requirements. 

The certification program ensures that wellness and equine professionals are thoroughly cross-trained. Wellness professionals who are already skilled in their field are becoming proficient in equine work, while trainees who are already skilled in working with horses are receiving intensive wellness training. As trainees complete the three years of intensive study required to reach the the advanced  level of certification, they will have attained an unmatched level of competency that better serves their clients and the profession at large.


  ●Honesty ●Courage ●Transparency  ●Integrity 

●Empathy  ●Authenticity ●Safety   


 •Relationships with horses require focus and presence.

•The power and size of a horse acts as an equalizer, and requires a respectful approach to the relationship.


•Appropriate relationships with horses require mutual trust, leadership, and respect.

•Horses will forgive legitimate mistakes, and keenly understand motivation.

•Working with horses provides a safe place to practice and build skills by which human relationships can also be built and sustained.

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